Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New blog...

Yay for my new blog.  No idea what I'm going to do with it, but... I like it.

I think I'll use it for my new journey of learning about my new tarot cards, all the awesome crystals and gemstones I have and all that cool new stuff.  All the new things I'm about to learn about runes and Norse mythology.  Oh, and the alternative healing things too.


For now, for my first post... fishie.  I'll put up pics of my new fishie and his cool new little home that's coming along quite nicely, if I do say so myself.

Fishie makes me happy.  And yeah, totally chills me out.  I like to watch him, I find it very relaxing.  And he's not quite so afraid of me anymore.  Well, some, but... whatever.

Let me properly introduce you.  This... is fishie.

Hi fishie. He still needs a name.  But, who cares.

Yesterday, fishie got that cool little pagota thing and new plants.  Oh, and bubbles.  Not sure I did the bubbles thing right, but he seems to like them.  He rides the bubble wave and seems to play in them.  And eat them.

Maybe fishie is crazy.  Like me =)  We'll get along fine I think.  heehee.  Two crazy peas in a pod.  Yep... a pod of crazy peas.


Ok, moving on.  This... is fishies new home...with the new bubbles he likes to ride the bubble waves...

That's fishie riding the wave. =)

And eating the bubbles.  =)

Go little fishie dude.

Here's hoping thats good, don't know a damn thing about fishies.

What I do know... yay for fishies.


Welcome to my new blog.

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