Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Learning New Shinies

Learning new shinies, yes, yes I am.

I've been trying to regroup over here and concentrate on advancing myself along this shiny making road, learn new things, go new ways, see what new things I could do. Set my mind to it, pulled out some books and tutorials I had stashed, bought some new ones, sat down and got to work.

None of them worked. Nothing. Nada. Grrrrr, Roar, Not a single one. I was getting more than a little frustrated. But, I kept trying. I took a couple days off, set those books and tutorials aside, came back to it and tried different ones. Finally, I found some I could manage. And I am soooooooo excited about it!!! WhooHOO! Finally some shinies worked out. 2 even. 2 whole new techniques of win.


That rocks.

The first one was a picture only tutorial by Fradany. I'm stoked about it because I've been struggling with the concept of layering and this was quite helpful. I'm also stoked because... I totally screwed it up. My pendant went a bit awry, but that's even better because in my attempts to recover and save it, I pull from bits and pieces of past failed tutorial projects (yay) and what I came up with was this...

Not quite how it was suppose to look but I like it even better. It's a lot... swirlier. And I'm all kinds of proud of myself. :D Yay, go me.

The second project of win is from a tutorial I've been sitting on for a looooong while now. It's by one of my favorite wire artists, Iza Malczyk and...I was totally intimidated by it. Been looking at it for many many a month now. Chickened out each time. But, I figured if I couldn't pull it off, what was one more tutorial fail. I'd done one of hers before and rocked it so maybe I could rock this one too. If I could actually pull it off... omg the win. It's a major shiny goal to learn this style. Major, major, major. 

So, I held my breath, and went for it. Twice. Then, OMG lookie what I made!!!!!

I did it I did it I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All by myself. I learned how to solder it, file it, weave it, swirl it, curl it, whoopdy doo it and... I dunno, other stuff too. YAAAAAAAY!!

I learned it!! 

I am so stoked. These 2 shinies were huge for me. There are lots and LOTS of new techniques going on with these and I can't wait to see where they take me. My brain is all esplody with the possibilities.

I... did it.

Haven't been this excited in a long time. WhooHoo go me!


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Playing with photos: Finding a new look

Shiny photos is something that is so very important to shiny making. And something so very difficult to do. I've tried several different things, and was rather satisfied with the vintage looking brown and burgundy tree background I had going on. Mostly. Sadly, it wasn't the best for all shiny. Was ok, but... not great.

Lately, I've been looking into branching out with things like juried art shows, contests, publications maybe... I dunno exactly yet, but whatever I branch out into, it all requires photos be submitted. Fabulous photos that make an impact, look professional and make people take notice.  Easy peasy, no pressure....

*sigh* or not.

I figured the best way to start trying to figure out what I want things to look like was to just start playing. I went and got some plain neutral backgrounds that will hopefully go with /everything/, reset up the light box, grabbed a couple of my favorite pieces and set at it. What I came up with was this...

 Sonora Sunrise Cab Tree...

Garnet Medallion...

 Before they looked like this...

Whatch'ya guys think? Do the new photos look more professional? Have more impact? Show off the shiny better?

Or should I just leave well enough alone lol.

I'd love to know what you think :D


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