Monday, April 21, 2014

4 days of shiny

I took a few days off from the evol day job last week, trying to escape, regroup and ... shiny up. I managed to get caught up on a couple of orders, finish a couple pieces I'd set aside and even make a few new things for the Etsy or summer booth I'm trying to set up this year. All while trying not to kill myself and work in a few real life tasks as well.

I think it went pretty well. Yay.

So what's 4 days of shiny look like? It looks a little something like this...

It's a pile of shiny, that's for sure.

In the pile is... 2 woven bangles, one plain, one swirly, 2 copper writer's bracelets (tourmaline), a new silver writer's tree of life bracelet (tourmaline), and a plethora of trees. A Sonora Sunrise, labradorite and chrysoprase cabochon trees, a set of Lapis tree earrings and a Larimar scrolled chip tree.

Not to bad, if I do say so myself. I didn't actually make the woven bangles this weekend, but did manage to figure out how to finish them up. That was a big relief. With 20+ hours of weaving in those bad boys, it was silly to leave them sitting in the unfinished/what the hell do I do now pile.

Now I need to work on my listings and get back on some orders. Busy busy!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ammolite Stash

Perhaps the shiniest shiny in the whole wide world, there is absolutely no way to get pics to really show how amazing this stone is.

They are rare Ammolite Fossils; an opalized version of Ammonite. They are full of amazing shimmer and flashes of bright, vivid colors that seem to burst in different patterns.


I tried real hard to capture some of what the different stones do with different angles of light. Indoors.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend shinies

Been a long while since I've blogged any shinies. Actually, it's been a long while since I have made shinies to blog. Slowly but surely the shinies are coming back tho. Finally. 

Yay for that!

Been working on a few over the past couple of weeks. Got a good whupin' on them this weekend. My biggest project right now was 2 sets of new scrolly trees. After a gazillion tries on the second set of earrings, I finally managed to get 2 frames to be the same size. I find this important when making a pair of... anything. 

I still struggle with making the same thing twice. Darn two-fers anyway.

A gazillion tries and 3 days later I finally got it. 

My new scrolly tree sets :D

They are Amethyst and Aquamarine. :) I still need to antique the blue set of earrings so they will match the pendant, and make ear wires but they are pretty well ready to rock. Yay. :D

While I was frustrating myself with fighting those tree earring frames, I took a bit of break and decided to work on a couple of other on going projects I'd set aside. 

One was a full moon chip tree. It ended up being Turquoise and fresh water pearl...

Then, just for giggles, I antiqued a couple of cab trees I made a while back and lost forgot about ...

One is a lapis and the other... a giant Moss Agate with a white whispy center that reminds me of catching a glimpse of clouds thru a break in the tree canopy.

Not a bad shiny weekend. :)

This week my plan is to finish up my tree sets, work on a heart shaped scrolly tree brooch and 2 tourmaline writer's bracelets. Totally doable I think. Fingers crossed.

Adventures in shiny. Tis coming back.



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