Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend shinies

Been a long while since I've blogged any shinies. Actually, it's been a long while since I have made shinies to blog. Slowly but surely the shinies are coming back tho. Finally. 

Yay for that!

Been working on a few over the past couple of weeks. Got a good whupin' on them this weekend. My biggest project right now was 2 sets of new scrolly trees. After a gazillion tries on the second set of earrings, I finally managed to get 2 frames to be the same size. I find this important when making a pair of... anything. 

I still struggle with making the same thing twice. Darn two-fers anyway.

A gazillion tries and 3 days later I finally got it. 

My new scrolly tree sets :D

They are Amethyst and Aquamarine. :) I still need to antique the blue set of earrings so they will match the pendant, and make ear wires but they are pretty well ready to rock. Yay. :D

While I was frustrating myself with fighting those tree earring frames, I took a bit of break and decided to work on a couple of other on going projects I'd set aside. 

One was a full moon chip tree. It ended up being Turquoise and fresh water pearl...

Then, just for giggles, I antiqued a couple of cab trees I made a while back and lost forgot about ...

One is a lapis and the other... a giant Moss Agate with a white whispy center that reminds me of catching a glimpse of clouds thru a break in the tree canopy.

Not a bad shiny weekend. :)

This week my plan is to finish up my tree sets, work on a heart shaped scrolly tree brooch and 2 tourmaline writer's bracelets. Totally doable I think. Fingers crossed.

Adventures in shiny. Tis coming back.


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