Monday, April 21, 2014

4 days of shiny

I took a few days off from the evol day job last week, trying to escape, regroup and ... shiny up. I managed to get caught up on a couple of orders, finish a couple pieces I'd set aside and even make a few new things for the Etsy or summer booth I'm trying to set up this year. All while trying not to kill myself and work in a few real life tasks as well.

I think it went pretty well. Yay.

So what's 4 days of shiny look like? It looks a little something like this...

It's a pile of shiny, that's for sure.

In the pile is... 2 woven bangles, one plain, one swirly, 2 copper writer's bracelets (tourmaline), a new silver writer's tree of life bracelet (tourmaline), and a plethora of trees. A Sonora Sunrise, labradorite and chrysoprase cabochon trees, a set of Lapis tree earrings and a Larimar scrolled chip tree.

Not to bad, if I do say so myself. I didn't actually make the woven bangles this weekend, but did manage to figure out how to finish them up. That was a big relief. With 20+ hours of weaving in those bad boys, it was silly to leave them sitting in the unfinished/what the hell do I do now pile.

Now I need to work on my listings and get back on some orders. Busy busy!

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