Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Learning New Shinies

Learning new shinies, yes, yes I am.

I've been trying to regroup over here and concentrate on advancing myself along this shiny making road, learn new things, go new ways, see what new things I could do. Set my mind to it, pulled out some books and tutorials I had stashed, bought some new ones, sat down and got to work.

None of them worked. Nothing. Nada. Grrrrr, Roar, Not a single one. I was getting more than a little frustrated. But, I kept trying. I took a couple days off, set those books and tutorials aside, came back to it and tried different ones. Finally, I found some I could manage. And I am soooooooo excited about it!!! WhooHOO! Finally some shinies worked out. 2 even. 2 whole new techniques of win.


That rocks.

The first one was a picture only tutorial by Fradany. I'm stoked about it because I've been struggling with the concept of layering and this was quite helpful. I'm also stoked because... I totally screwed it up. My pendant went a bit awry, but that's even better because in my attempts to recover and save it, I pull from bits and pieces of past failed tutorial projects (yay) and what I came up with was this...

Not quite how it was suppose to look but I like it even better. It's a lot... swirlier. And I'm all kinds of proud of myself. :D Yay, go me.

The second project of win is from a tutorial I've been sitting on for a looooong while now. It's by one of my favorite wire artists, Iza Malczyk and...I was totally intimidated by it. Been looking at it for many many a month now. Chickened out each time. But, I figured if I couldn't pull it off, what was one more tutorial fail. I'd done one of hers before and rocked it so maybe I could rock this one too. If I could actually pull it off... omg the win. It's a major shiny goal to learn this style. Major, major, major. 

So, I held my breath, and went for it. Twice. Then, OMG lookie what I made!!!!!

I did it I did it I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All by myself. I learned how to solder it, file it, weave it, swirl it, curl it, whoopdy doo it and... I dunno, other stuff too. YAAAAAAAY!!

I learned it!! 

I am so stoked. These 2 shinies were huge for me. There are lots and LOTS of new techniques going on with these and I can't wait to see where they take me. My brain is all esplody with the possibilities.

I... did it.

Haven't been this excited in a long time. WhooHoo go me!


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