Thursday, November 25, 2010

Other November Holidays

It's Thanksgiving, pilgrims, turkeys, and all of that.  It's a good day, a feast day, full of yum yum.  I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I've been looking into so many new things lately, that I decided to poke around and see what other November holidays or celebrations I could find.  I've always been interested in ancient things, ancient ways, ancient meanings.  Growing up it was the Greek and Roman as well as all things Egyptian.  Later as an adult, all things Jewish.  Now, Celtic and Norse, can't seem to get enough.  Funny, American has never made the list.  Wonder what that's about.

Anyway, poking around I found some interesting things.  I'll have to dive into some of it when I'm not suppose to be getting ready for the family feast thing, but thought I'd post a list for now so I can come back to it.

Things that make me go, hmm.

  • 1 November 
    Samhain / Festival of the Dead / Third Station of the Year / All Saints Day / Isia 
    Samhain is the beginning of winter in the natural year. The third station of the year, awakening, is therefore a time of letting go, when the seed falls to earth from its mother plant. It is customary to light bonfires (tindle-fires) at sunset of this day in honour of the dead. The Egyptian festival of Isis, the Isia, lasts for three days, and reenacts the dismemberment and restoration of Osiris.
  • 2 November 
    All Souls Day 
    Before becoming a Christian festival this day was marked with celebrations of Woden (Odin) as god of the dead, including plays enacting the mysteries of life, death, and rebirth.
  • 8 November 
    Mania / Gwynn ap Nudd 
    The Roman festival of Mania commemerates the Manes (spirits of the underworld). In Celtic tradition Gwynn ap Nudd, the Lord of Faerie, permits the door to the lower worlds to be opened for a day at Glastonbury Tor.
  • 10 November 
    Nincnevin / Martinmas Eve 
    The Scots Pagan festival of Nincnevin honours the Goddess Dianna.
  • 11 November 
    Martinmas / Einherjar 
    This day marks the full onset of winter. It is the festival of the Einherjar, the spiritual warriors who guard Valhalla.
  • 13 November 
    The Roman festival of Feronia worships Feronia as well as Juno, Minerva, and Jupiter.
  • 16 November 
    Hecate Night 
    Sunset marks the beginning of Hecate Night, when the threefold goddess of Wicca (Perseis) is celebrated.
  • 20 November 
    Praetextatus and Paulina 
    This Greek festival commemerates Praetextatus and Paulina, the guardians of the Eleusinian Mysteries.
  • 22 November 
    Ydalir / Artemis Calliste 
    This is the Northern festival of Ydalir, the Valley of Yews, and commerorates the Norse god Ullr.
  • 25 November 
    Persephone / Proserpina / Women's Merrymaking Day 
    Commemerates the Goddess of the Underworld, Queen of the Shades, and Ruler of the Souls of the Dead. She is known variously as Persephone, Prosperina, Kore, Arianrod, and Catherine. It is also Women's Merrymaking Day, a festival of the celebration of women's mysteries.

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