Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Tux dude... Loki

As requested, here's my new little tuxedo dude... Loki.  I do love the idea of "The Daily Loki", as was suggested, but... I think we all know that won't happen.  At least not yet, and, well... smart little dude as already figured out what that camera thing I keep pointing at him is, and, well, he no likey.

I did manage to snap a couple off the other day... while the little shit was sleeping... in my bed.  Seems he has taken over the big ol' bed...

and boy oh boy is he a sprawler...

he is totally in love with my down comforter.  My WHITE down comforter.  Gotta love a black cat rubbing all over your white comforter.

There's more pics of my Loki over on my other new blog... fondly called The Zoo... where all my little zoo kids have been posted recently.  I'm pretty sure Mr. Loki here will be taking center stage almost everywhere, he does like to demand the attention.

Later taters

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