Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Freya's Crystal Goodies

Wow, been awhile since I've been over here.  I like it over here, so vera nice a quiet.

Just what Freya needs right now.  Some peace and quiet, and a little retail therapy didn't hurt either.

I, gotta go shopping today for goodies I really don't need, but my soul cried out for.  I can't believe I brought this jewel home with me, but... it spoke to me, so I had too.

Not sorry.

What is it?  Well, it's a candle holder, made out of a huge piece of amethyst.  I so vera much love amethyst crystals, always have, always will.  And, it goes nicely with the big quartz crystal one daughter bought me for Christmas.

I friggin' love crystals.  I do, I do, I just really really do.

Wanna see, wanna see?  Of course you do.

Viola!  The candle of awesome.  As presented on my pirate treasure table.  heehee, oh yeah, I have a pirate treasure table.

Thought I wouldn't? I am totally that cool. ;)

My new candle holder goes so vera nicely with...

 the totally coolness from daughter.  Tell me that doesn't rock tough.  I love it. My coffee table lights up with crystals.  It rocks.

It also goes with the vera cool oil burner daughter got me for Christmas, which is another amethyst geode cut in half.  The picture didn't come out very well.  It's much cooler looking in real life.  But, I tried.

That baby there... in one awesome oil burner.  I really didn't think it would work, being a rock and all, but oh my, that thing there is probably the best oil burner I have ever used.  Heats that stuff up and fills my house with the goodness of my special essential oil blends faster and stronger than I even thought possible.  It lives on my desk, by my special books, my Freya statue and the rest of my uber awesome crystals that I haven't taken pics of yet.

I should do that.  But not now.

Today's spur of the moment shopping trip also landed me a cool new pendant.  Also for the oils I blend.

It's pretty cool.  And totally not blue like in the pic, thank you camera white balance.  It's silver.  And it opens up to put a little pad thingy of my special "calm the fuck down" oils. :)

I'm hoping that helps with the freak outs I'm having right now.  Don't see how it could hurt.

I need to check out celtic knots.  People try to tell me they don't mean anything, but I find that very hard to believe.  Hm.  I very much wonder if my new necklace means something.  Things that make me go... hmmmm.

Anyway, yay for shopping, yay for crystals, and yay for stuff that made me smile today.

That rocks.

The end.

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