Friday, February 15, 2013

New Trees: Em and Manda

It’s been quite a week over here, with not to much share-worthy shiny action going down. Actually, I was happy as a little clam sitting back after work and practicing my weaving and my Viking Knit. That Viking Knit is vera good for me and my post work day stress come down. Nice and repetitive so I can turn off the racing brain, and cool enough to hold my attention. That stuff is full of win.

Then came Wednesday night… I think it was Wednesday. I was cruising the Facebook when I saw a friend had changed her header and profile pic to this fabulous blue winter ice crystal tree with a black trunk. Like a bolt of lighting, the tree muse struck me down and demanded I drop everything and make such a tree. So, being at the mercy of my creative whims… I did.

Meet Em. My new antique silver/Aquamarine Tree of Life. J

I’m super pleased. It looks just like the blue ice crystal tree with the black trunk :D

I was so pleased that I thought I’d make another. It was suppose to be an Ametrine tree I’ve been thinking on for a few weeks. It ended up… more.

As I was starting to twist it I decided to try something new and wrapped in some Ametrine throughout the roots. As I went I decided that as the tree grew and matured, the Ametrine in the root system should separate into the individual stones that make up the composite, making it into a lush canopy of Amethyst and Citrine.

So I went with the idea, and…


I was rather pleased with it. Then I decided to take it a step further and antiqued it. I thought it would help to set off the pale Ametrine in the roots, but it… kinda didn’t.

That’s ok.

This morning I found out that, well, it turns out what I made was… a Manda Tree. J Seems it’s from a good friend’s book. Not sure if I was living in my friends head again, like sometimes happens, or if I was channeling the muses from the book, *shrugs* either way, I accidentally made what they call... a Manda Tree.

I think that rocks.

Go me. :D

1 comment:

  1. So Freia, Your Manda Tree is VERY Powerful!

    Both Amethyst and Citrine protect from poison, help with depression and help calm everyone. All three stones are POWER STONES, and the Ametrine in the roots of the tree will assist in grounding out all the negative (feelings, headaches, poisons) and help them safely return to the center of the earth to be recycled into positive energy once more.



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