Friday, June 21, 2013

New Copper Chains for Larger Trees

Copper chain has been a serious struggle for me since I began this little shiny adventure. Seems like it would be such a simple thing, but.... no. Finding real, raw, copper chain is next to impossible. Everything is either gigantic or copper plated. Last year I had finally found some real copper chain in a decent size for pendants, but sadly I can't find any more and I've run out. 

I did find some Rolo chain, I've actually been using it for bracelets. I've not made many pendants big enough for it. Last week I took a chance on some cable chain I found as well. Now with the new cabochon pendants I've been buying for the stones inside I will have some much bigger trees. Much bigger... whatever-i-feel-likes. :D They're all going to need bigger chain.

This afternoon I matched up my new copper Aurora Borealis Tree of Life with both kinds of chain. antiqued to match. 

Raw copper chain for the win. :D

I also made a clasp for them. A sort of decorative S-clasp. One thing that drives me nuts about necklace chains is how the darn clasp always ends up in the front as you wear it. So I've been playing with clasps that could actually double as a decorative component in the necklace so that when it inevitably moves to the front, it won't just be an ugly lobster claw or spring clasp, but part of the whole necklace.

Rolo Chain

Rolo Chain

Cable Chain

Cable chain
I like them both. They are pretty similar in size, the rolo looks bigger, the cable a bit lighter and more open looking. These 2 chains are both 28", but since the links are so big, the chains can actually be clasped anywhere, making it fully adjustable.

I think they're going to work out great for a bunch of things I've been working on. Necklaces, bracelets... all kinds of goodies. Yay for new copper chain! :D


  1. This is so gorgeous it's sicksickSICK! Woah!

  2. That's definitely a stunning tree! <3



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