Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Shiny: Jade Medallion and Starry Night Tree

I set off with many-a-project in mind this weekend. A Jade Medallion, a scorpion pendant, a couple brooches, tree bracelets, and, and... stuff.

I didn't end up with all of those things.

I did end up with a Jade Medallion. Pretty stoked about that baby.

Was cruising right along, right up until I tried the rest of my list. Not much worked out for the other shiny projects. A lot of frustration worked out, so I guess that's something. I did learn a great many new things. I learned that it IS possible to mess up that medallion frame after it's finished. I also learned that it IS possible to remove the outside wire when you mess it all up and if you try reeeeeeal hard, you can actually thread a new one in. It's extremely hard, but you CAN do it. I also learned, that when you pull out that wire you weaved into place, all the wraps stay sticking out and make a cool... something. Not sure what, but I see this new technique in my future. (suns. I see sun pendants!! :D )

Other than that, I learned... I don't like to be frustrated. Ok, I already knew that, but I needed reminded. Apparently.

In my frustration, I set everything aside, took a few deep breaths, took the dog for a walk and decided... tree. When in doubt, make a tree.

So I did.

It's name is Starry Night. It's a sterling silver tree on a very unique stone I got at the Saturday Market a couple weeks back. It's a rare occurrence of Mahogany and Silver Sheen Obsidian. I've never even seen Silver Sheen Obsidian, never mind seeing it mixed with Mahogany. It's coo-L!

It's rather different looking. But I am well pleased with it.

About the only other thing I accomplished was putting my new medallion on my new choker/necklace cord. I want to make it a new clasp as I don't like this one with it, but all in all...

I love it!!

Now to take their real pics so I can get them up and listed. Hopefully the rest of the projects I didn't accomplish will be nicer when we play this week and I can get them in some kind of working finished pieces. That would be good.

Adventures in shinies. W00T!

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