Sunday, September 8, 2013

New this Week: Leather Tree of Life Bracelets

It's been a busy busy week over here. A lot of finishing up the last steps of some projects, dabbling with others, plotting and planning for others still. 

The biggest things for me this week were actually managing to get a couple things listed. Like the copper/jade infinity medallion I've had laying around for weeks. And my Mahogany / Silver Sheen Obsidian tree too. :D

*pets* It's name is Stargazing in the Bitterroot. :D *stares* Goodness, I love that stone. So unique. Kinda bummed I didn't get more of those. Hopefully he'll be back next summer, with more. 

My uber big accomplishment this week are my new leather Tree of Life bracelets. The one I'm most excited about is my new LGBTQ Pride tree "Pride Rock"...

It's a rainbow tree with Garnet, Sunstone, Citrine, Peridot, Lapis and Amethyst.

I really wanted to make a whole line of new tree bracelets, so I carried on. Now there is also an Antique Copper Pride Tree, and bare trees in both antique copper and antique silver.

Bracelets a plenty! A whole new kind of tree grove even. W00T!

Today's goal is getting those last 3 listed. And the poor antique silver labradorite cab tree that's been sitting here ever so patiently, waiting to be listed for weeks now.

Best get busy!

Shinies. W00T! :D

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