Friday, January 3, 2014

Shiny Anniversary Medallion Giveaway!

It's my shiny making anniversary today! :D :D My second. Freia Inguz Artisan Jewelry is 2. WhooWhoo!!

And it's all because of you guys. I totally love you. Thank you all for all your support, kind words and sharing the love of shinies with me thru my shiny adventures. You guys rock.

To celebrate, I made a new medallion. You know, to start the year with something special. I was taking pics of it last night when I noticed a tiny tiny chip in the stone next to the drill hole, so I can't list it. Well, I could, no one would probably even have noticed, but I noticed sooooo... no. That's just not how I roll.

I was more than a little bummed. 

Then I decided, I can't sell it BUT, as suggested by a friend, I can give it to someone. But I couldn't decide who to give it too. Then I got to thinking of all of you, and... it might just make a fancy schmancy giveaway piece. So here we are. 

Want it? 

You know you do! :D

Leave a comment on this post for your chance to win. On the 18th I'll pick a winner.

Adventures in shinies. W00T!

The fine print
  • Giveaway is for one handmade sterling pendant. 
  • Giveaway open until 1/18/14 1/24/14
  • Winner will be chosen using
  • Must be 18 or older to enter
  • Winner is responsible for any customs fees or taxes
  • Not exchangeable or refundable for cash


  1. There is no way I can resist owning such a beautiful gem :)
    Count me in, Please!!

    1. I think of you every time I antique something purple lol.

  2. Me, me, me! I wants it…
    Happy shiny making anniversary! Thanks for the giveaway, this is gorgeous, chip or no chip!

  3. Oh yes, me wantee! Slobber! heheheheh

  4. Count me in, please! I was drooling over this the other day when you posted pics. Seriously, gorgeous. <333

    (email is nikerymis@gmail, since I'm logging in a bass-ackwards way. :3)

  5. Omg, please count me in! That medallion is beyond gorgeous.

    (iamcaptainskye@aol, just in case)

  6. That is gorgeous! Count me in too!

  7. Hi there I would love to win this - amethyst is my birthstone and I have a special birthday this year (that I am dreading) so maybe I was meant to win this lovely medallion :-p or more likely some other lucky person was meant to win it. If you end up getting another comment from me then apologies, I tried to comment via wordpress but it was a convoluted process.

  8. I love this style of jewelry. And a big thanks to LT3 to pointing your store out to me. Now I just need to get more rainy day money now I know what to spend it on (in addition to books ;-) I would love to own this pendant.


  9. Oh damn of course I want it. It's gorgeous. Count me in please!

  10. Oh that is such a beautiful work! I have just seen it on deviantart and then I read the journal saying it is for a giveaway, I have immediately rushed over here :))

  11. As if I could pass up owning more of your work >.<
    Sign my ass up ;)

  12. OMG, it's SO BEAUTIFUL! You know I'd love to be counted in the giveaway. Even if I don't win, though, I really just love seeing all the things you make. I'm only just now getting into wire-wrapping, and I'd pay good money to take a few lessons from you. ;)

  13. It would be very nice to win that!

  14. I would love to win this. It looks so wonderful!

    And thank you for thinking of us!! :) Your work is really amazing! :)

  15. Oh, that is lovely. Please count me in. ^_^

  16. I LOVE IT!!!! <3 Course I love all the shinies you make lol

  17. I'd love to be entered!! Soooo beautiful. One day I'll save up enough to afford one of your trees of life. *^*

    Raelynnmarie at live dotsandcoms



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