Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Moon


Celtic:  XVIII Sadbh ~ Sadbh is lured away from Almuhin.  With an illusion which re-evoked the appearance of Flinn and of his hounds, his spouse, Sadbh, was lured far away and was never glimpsed again by mortal eyes.

Illusions, visions, dreams, gentleness, deception, night.

Viking:  XVIII Mani ~ The Vikings viewed masculine aspect in the moon and feminine aspect in the sun.  The moon is the nocturnal light that captures light and controls it:  A magical being who dies in is born again for all eternity.  According to Viking myth, Mani was also a man who, while he was dying, gave himself up to the sun and became its slave.

Visions, magic, eccentricity, mistakes due to whims

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