Sunday, November 21, 2010

today's card: Strength

Soft Control

Celtic:  XI ~ Cu Chulainn:  Setanta slaughters Culann's dog.  Originally the child was called setanta, but when he was six years old he killed Culann's dog and until another dog had not grown he had to watch over the herds, life and the honour of the blacksmith.  He was known as Cu Chulainn, Culann's dog, and there was never a stronger warrior in the whole of the history of Ireland.

Power, energy, action, courage, defeat of a powerful enemy.

Viking:  VIII ~ Thor:  He is the top representative of divine strength.  He was also tempted, through deception, to lift the serpent the enveloped the world that the gigantic king Utgard - loki had transformed into an enormous cat.  Thor sowed panic among those present by managing to lift one of the giants feline's paws, almost destroying the earth with his strength. 

Courage, energy, defense of a just cause, strength of mind.

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