Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bodhie has a new friend

Finally, I got a picture.  That's Bodhie, and his new friend fishie.  Or... fishie 1 and fishie 2.  lol, it's like the Cat in the Hat around here.  Only fishies instead of Things.

Yay for Bodhie.  Him was lonely.  I knew he was, don't care what the lady at the pet store said.  Poor Bodhie was starting to freak a bit.  Got all kinds of weird the last few days.  So in a fit of pissed off, I left yesterday for some retail therapy.  Daughter and I ended up at the pet store at the end and got Bodhie some new plants and a buddy.

These two... are the cutest thing ever.  How come I never knew fish could be cute?  Total personality these little fellas.

Bodhie started getting excited as soon as I put little buddy in the tank.  Wasn't even out of his bag yet, and the two of them were trying to get to each other.  Wasn't sure that was good...or bad, but it was immediate.  He started swimming around that bag and poking it right away.  He would NOT leave the bag alone.  The minute I let little buddy out, it was love.

These two are hilarious.

Bodhie won't leave little buddies side.  They are pretty much joined at the hip, so to speak.  They are in love. I'm sure of it.  They eat together, play together, and Bodhie protects him.  From me.  It's friggin' adorable.

New little buddy is totally afraid of the big lady with the food.  Every time I go up to the tank he spazs out and runs and hides from me, and Bodhie... guards him.  Little shit.  Cute as hell.

I sat up last night just watching them, couldn't sleep, too stressed I think.  Came out here and watched the fishies.  After they came out of hiding, I watched them play together.  They surf the new filter wash.  Chase each other around, and then rub up against each other in some kind of weird little fishie dance.  And then do it again.

Bodhie is much less spastic now.  I think he is trying to show little buddy that the big lady isn't so scary.  Today he rushes to protect little buddy when I come to the tank, but he will come out and play with me after a minute or two.  He comes to the glass if I touch it, and little buddy will slowly come out too.  He stays back, but he does come out.  He just kind of stays low and watches Bodhie fail against the glass.  He's learning I think.

Cute as ever these two.  Totally adorable.

Now I have to come up with a name for little buddy.  Or maybe he will just be fishie now.

My little fishies rock.  Yes, yes they do.

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