Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fishie update...

Haven’t been over here in awhile.  Still not sure what exactly to do with this blog, the other one has been keeping me quite busy of late.  That, along with RL doesn’t leave much time for the other places.  But, fishies still live here, so… fishie update belongs.

I’m sitting here watching these little fellas.  Still so weird to me this fish personality thing.  New little buddy has a name now, Gilligan.  A friend of mine suggested it because I kept calling him little buddy and…I like it.  It fits.  I call him Gilly for short.  So now we have Bodhie and Gilly.  Heehee, that totally works.

Gilly’s much more comfortable now.  Not nearly as afraid of me, and has figured out I’m the food lady.  Bodhie is still spastic as hell when I come to the tank, dudes going to hurt himself from the freak out if he’s not careful.  Little weirdo.  They’ve gone thru their “I love you soooo much new little buddy” phase to what looked like a “big fish, little fish” feeding problem phase, to the current “stop bothering me, I don’t want to play right now Bodhie” phase.  These two are funny as hell.

Bodhie is friggin’ huge, still ever the piggy.  And I swear Gilly is growing like a weed too.  These little buggers grow FAST!  Guess that’s what happens when you don’t keep them in a bowl, and they actually live for awhile.

Today… I brought home a new fishie.  He doesn’t have a name yet, of course.  He’s a Raphel catfish or some such thing.  Little stripped fella.  I went for some kind of sucker algae fish thing, seems it may have been time for some algae containment, but I don’t like those.  I got scared off of the Chinese one, or whatever they are, due to my friend’s fish aggression problem.  Poor Surfer dude.  I liked him.  I totally didn’t want that type of thing going on, and those other ones are just downright ugly.  When they told me that nasty thing could grow to 18” or whatever… ewww.  No thank you, no ugly dinosaur sucker algae eating nasty fish.  So we opted for a different bottom feeder kind.  I’ll post his pic when I get one.  He’s kinda cute, but the lady said he will hide a lot, which is fine I suppose.  *shrug* we’ll see what happens.

Bodhie is totally trying to figure out what’s up with the new dude.  He totally won’t let the little fella hide, keeps trying to check him out.  Gilly… couldn’t care less.  Seems to keep nudging Bodhie off of the distraction, time to play in the filter wash. 

Fish are weird.  Cute little things.  I should have done this ages ago.  I always have loved aquariums; just… never had cute personality plus going on.  Totally trips me out.

Fishies rock.  Yes, yes they do.

The end. J

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