Sunday, May 22, 2011

Retail Therapy

Not feeling so well yesterday, daughter and I headed out for some retail therapy.  I actually only went out for dog food, but... ended up shopping. 

Twas fun.

We went to the new crystal shop, and picked up some purty...

The new ones are actually only the 2 green and purple florite crystals, and the little cluster between them.  The big quartz daughter brought me from her trip to the coast.


We got a few other things, but since the camera just broke, no pic-ey.  Bummer that.

After the trip to touch and feel all the beautimus crytals, we went to the pet store and came home with another zoo kid.

Meet rapturefishy.  He has no name yet, I'm calling him Raptor for now. :)

Seems odd all his red came out in the flash, he doesn't really look like that.  His blue shimmers green and his red looks black.

Hm. Wonder who's fishy this is.

Retail therapy.  Almost cures what ails.

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