Sunday, June 5, 2011

Freya Plays Jewelry

Yep. Freya's been playing jewelry maker.  It's fun.  It's hard.  I kinda suck at it.  But I'm learning so... yay. I want to learn how to make wire wrap jewelry, pendants and bracelets and such.  Spent the weekend just messing around with some of my new stones and beads, and made... hippie jewelry.

I'm getting the concept down, I need to get some better wire, nicer wire, but.. I'm getting it figured out.  Most important... I'm having fun making stuff.  It makes me happy.

Got myself a bunch of moss agate, tiger eye, amethyst, and stones that I have no clue what they are for practicing on. 

Go jewelry, go jewelry. 



  1. Oooh I like! Especially the leaf thingy. The string of round ones at the top came out nice too. :) Doesn't look like a practice run to me, but then... haha, my attempts would look like kiddie jewelry I expect. Looks to me like you had lots of fun. And that's the important part.

  2. heehee, thanks. :D

    May try to put it all together today and actually make something. Kinda tired of just practicing loopies. But silly things are hard. And, well, I kind of obsess.



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