Friday, June 10, 2011

Lady with Tiger

My new tiger art got here today. Yay. Of course, I had to unknowingly get an odd size goodie thinking it would be easy to frame, only to find out that... no... odd size... no frame. Bummer. 

But it's here. And I like it.  I do wish I knew what it said. I'm typically against buying things that say something I can't read and understand myself, but... I just totally had to have this. Twas a soul cries out for kind of thing again, not sure what that's about, Oriental matches nothing in my house, but I kept going back to it, even dreamed about it, it was driving me crazy. So I bought it. 

This shall serve as it's unveiling. 

Lady with Tiger...

I like it. Don't care if it matches. It's going to look good when I frame it.  Need to take it down with my Book of the Dead Papyrus and frame them up good.  What an ecclectic house I am making.  My framed signed books, my Freya statue, my Oriental Tiger, and an Egyptian Book of the Dead Papyrus. Interesting.  I should find out what that papyrus says.  Whatever. Looks friggin awesome. :)

Freya's unique space all of her own.  Yay.

1 comment:

  1. Oh who cares if it doesn't "match" anything else LOL it matches YOU, duh... :D



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