Thursday, January 31, 2013

Basket Weaves and Doilies Too

Things have been pretty quiet on the shinies front this week. Last weekends weaving really took a toll on my hands. Silly me, I was just thinking last week about how sore they used to be when I first started working with wire, and how glad I was that they were stronger now. lol guess that doesn't apply to the whole weaving thing.

 I did manage to play with one more pattern; trying out joining wire frames together. I think they call it a Basket Weave. After fussing over it, starting, restarting, unraveling and restarting again, I started to get the hang of it. Not that it's real hard or anything, I just... fuss a lot. Everything has to be ... even. Straight. Right. I kind of obsess on that kind of thing. (yes, I'm the person that goes through and straightens other peoples wall hangings, or bent things in a store. Can't help it.)

I must have called do over on this one 4 times...6 times... dunno for sure. A lot of times. Uneven wraps, not tight enough, not lining up right, one group has more than another, blah blah blah. Do.It.OVER!

 Obsesses much.

 I was really pleased how the last try was coming...

I actually had a plan for a finished piece with it. Long earrings. With a square piece of Amethyst wrapped in. Unfortunately, I totally blew it when it came to where the hole in the bead was and can't wrap it in now. *shakes head* Rookie move.

*grumblegrumble* Am NOT starting over again.

*shrugs* s'ok. I may try to figure out another way to finish it off and use it elsewhere in the future. It'll be perfect for something. Someday. :)

The little basket weave shiny pushed my sore hands to the max. So I decided to take a break. I need to focus on taking inventory and what not, for those glorious things called taxes. Yay. Taxes. (<---much sarcasm in that)

Before I could do that, I need to try to organize my stash that has exploded all over my house. So I set off to clean and reorganize my jewelry room...err... house. Got a lot done. The actual jewelry making room is more organized than it's ever been. Now *sigh* I can't find a damn thing. But it's organized :D

Some of the things I did find in the process was my old crochet stuff. Been years since I've made anything. Seems I put what I had made away in daughter's old closet/the jewelry room. Found my rag rugs, some scarves, a couple 1/2 finished blankets and my Pineapple doilies :D

Was wondering where those ran off too. I was pretty proud of those jewels, especially the big one.

I've always liked the Pineapple patterns. Not sure where it will live now, need to find a place for it that /isn't/ the back closet. *shakes head* What were they even doing there? Silly doilies.

Crochet bug has been nipping at me again. Finding all my old goodies didn't help that go away. May just have to sit down and crochet something. Shiny crochet :D Who knows. Could be an upcoming Freia Inguz line. Never can tell. ;)

That's all for me, for now.

Later taters!

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  1. I saw a gorgeous table runner somewhere made out of many many crocheted doilies all sewn together. Loved it. Just an idea... (not an enabler)



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