Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend projects: Before and After

Weekend projects were actually pretty slim pickins over here. RL didn't allow for much in the way of shines, but I did manage to play a little. A little is better than none, so I'll take it. :)

Finished up some earrings that have been hanging around, waiting to get their ear wires. Simple little sets I decided to make up after finishing my last tree pendant. Some Aquamarine and Amethyst chips, and a pair with some Green Garnet I picked up a week or so ago...

Other than that, no a lot of new shinies. I've still been playing around with some new things that I hope to add some day. Played around a little bit with my practice pieces from last week; wanted to see what antiquing would do to the weaving thing. Soooo... I went for it.


and after..

Color is a bit off in my pics, but I definitely like the antiqued better. I usually do, especially when it comes to the copper. My little 'could be a pendant' went back to 'might be an earring' or may just get scrapped. I almost like it, but.... I'm not in love. The one thing antiquing really seems to do is... show my mistakes. Eek. I knew I'd made mistakes with the little round pendant piece, just couldn't really see where anymore. Boy howdy did they show up post antique job.  Must be mindful of that when weaving. One wrong wrap and the whole thing goes to pot. 

Look at me go with the learnin'.

Another one of the things I want to make is metal bracelets. Copper mostly, as it's suppose to have all kinds of benefits for the wearer. So I decided to give a go at one I saw in a magazine a few months back and ended up with this...

and after a good antiquing, this...

I'm debating on whether or not to wrap in some stones, maybe at the little double loopy part. Not quite sure yet. May have to just give it a whirl simply because it will bug me to not know how it would look. The right stone might just set that baby off. Or... be too much and totally ruin it. Sometimes, what looks great in my head is just full of RL booooooo. Shinies, ya never know until ya try. :) At least that's how it works for me.

Here's hoping the rest of this week allows for some shiny time. I've been rather unproductive on this front lately. This displeases me.

I need mah shinies. Often.


  1. These are great! I love them antiqued and I can't see anything worth scraping! ;) The bracelet is lovely as is but I bet it would be nice with stones too!

    1. Thanks! :D

      I love them antiqued too. I think the copper always comes out better that way. Daughter is forbidding me from scrapping the chandelier earring Labradorite one. Keeps telling me "my birthday is coming mom." Soooo.... lol I'll be finishing those ones up.

      I'm pretty stoked about the bracelet. I wore it yesterday to see how it would behave. I kept forgetting it was even there. So comfy. May have to make up a few of those babies next. :)

  2. Oh, the little quartz crystals you have would look perfect in the copper bracelet. Well, I think so at least.

    1. That's a great idea. Woudln't over power anything, and give it just enough shiny to it to set it off. Might just be perfect! :D



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