Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Viking Shinies!

Yep. Viking shines! Like the kind real Vikings used to wear in the days of old. It's all historic and stuff. :D That is so cool to me. Apparently, they have found several pieces in archaeological digs. Reading up on it, they say that the Viking used to wear these knitted chains, and would cut pieces off to use as money. And here's me, learnin' to make it a gazillion years later. heehee. cool.

Anyhoo, I stopped flailing in my excitement long enough to take a few pics of my little project here.

Step one: Make a mess of wire loopies on a pencil.

Step 2: Don't scrap it because it's a total uneven mess. Because you're just learning and messes are ok. Also, don't scrap it because all the books and such say the draw plate forgives a multitude of sins. Just continue making your loopy mess longer and hope you haven't sinned more than the plate can forgive.

Step 3: Remove said pencil.

Step 4: Then comes *drum roll please* the draw plate.

Step 5: Insert loopy mess into a hole. I don't know which hole. I went with the eeiny meenie minie mo method of selection. Drew it thru, picked a smaller hole, drew it thru, all the way down to the smallest hole.
Then... voila!

Viking Knit Chain.

Not bad for my very first try ever. Am very glad that I saw it thru and didn't scrap it. I learned all kinds of things; like increasing and decreasing, adding wire to the knit, etc. All that troubleshooting kind of stuff. And they were right. That plate sure did forgive a huge multitude of sins. Go draw plate, Go draw plate!

Now to figure out how to put ends on it. And what to do about it being too long. They said that a 5" piece would draw to a 7" bracelet. Mine didn't. Mine was 4 1/2" and drew out to 9 1/2". Not sure what's up with that yet.

Look at me go with the learnin'. Freia now makes Viking shinies. Being named after a Norse Goddess... that seems vera appropriate to me.

Go me! \o/

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