Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Viking Knit: The Finished Version

Well, it's finished... mostly.

My new Viking Knit chain got cut down, antiqued, capped and clasped. It's now a Viking Bracelet. :D Go me. Other than still being way to long, it's ... finished. W00T!

It's a pretty nifty little chain. Dense. Has a good solid feel to it. And it's flexible, much more than I expected.  I want to make a couple more before I try to list them, make sure I've gotten a good handle on it. No hidden snafus I just don't know about yet. Maybe try for a thicker chain. See how it bulks up.

*shrugs* This one is a good size for me; I tend to wear smaller bracelets, and pair them up with others. I think this will be good for that.

I put end caps on this one...

I really have no idea how else to do it. The local bead store didn't have many options that I could find, but I'd like to figure out some different things for that too.

Now I just need to take it apart again and cut it down more. Seems I misjudged how much the end caps and clasp would add to it aaaaand... I still ended up with a 9" bracelet. Oh well. That's fixable.

So, there it is. Mah vera first Viking Knit piece. Yay! Go me. \o/

Once I get the hang of it better, even stitches and whatnot, there is maybe a gazillion things I wanna make with it. It's the same stitch for Dream Catchers, which, omg I so bad wanna make. It can also be used for a netting type thing for tumbled stones, or cabochons. Lacy cabochon wraps. And, and, and... I don't know. Aaaaaaaaaaaalll kinds of goodies.

Oh yeah, Viking Knit. F.T.W.

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