Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trees and Weaves

So.... I set out this weekend with a plan. It was going to be a tree weekend. I had a Lapis cabochon tree to finish up, and I really wanted to get some trees twisted up with those new chips I got the other day. As often happens over here, shinies seemed to have other ideas. I did manage to get the cab tree done. Go me :D

It goes off to it's new home tomorrow. I actually got a Fluorite tree worked up; it was kinda cool. Looked like beach glass. I did the tree different for it though, it also looked kinda cool. In the end however, she didn't work out. Poor Beach Glass Tree hung wonky so in the scrap heap she went. 

Poor Beach Glass Tree.

As I cut up 5 hours of work I decided I didn't want to play trees anymore. Decided instead I needed something new. So I broke out my new books and settled on coiling and weaving. :D 

I've been practicing all kinds of pieces. Did it all night last night. My poor hands huuuuuuuuuuuurt. Most were scrapped, but a couple were alright. 

The two round ones were just playing, trying to figure out what happens with spacing and whatnot. Add a bead, hang a bead, *shrugs* stuff like that. The loopy coily one I may use. It was suppose to be earrings, but when I put the Labradorite on it I got hit with a necklace vision instead. I dunno, it needs a good antiquing then who knows. May end up earrings after all.

Anyhoo. Weaving. And coiling. It's kinda fun. Think I'm going to try more. Wonder what it'll come out to be :D

heehee, can't wait to see. :D

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