Thursday, January 24, 2013

Torch Wielding Lesson 1: Part 2

Ok. So I went home last night and wanted to finish playing with my new handmade head pins, see if I could pull the Morning Glory Vine earrings that have been floating around out of my head and make something of them.

Having my heart set on flowers, I set off to look thru my stash. Blue iridescent or purple swirl to choose from, I of course settled on... glass leaves. :D

Those kind of wanderings are rather typical around here.

Anyhoo, I put that bad boy on my headpin from last night, fired up the torch to ball up the other end, gave it a twisty twirly, and a good hammer whacking and...


A vine-y leaf :D

Actually, the retorching of the other end turned it black again so into the pickle pot it went aaaaaand...the pickle ate most of the finish off my bead. *shrugs* kind of thought it might. So what I really have is a pickle eaten vine-y leaf, but... whatever. It still counts.

Lesson for the night: Don't put beads in pickle.

Look at me go with the learnin' \o/

So there it is. My very first torch project. I kinda like it. I think it's cute. :D

Now to try something else. Not sure what. It'll be a surprise.

Go me.

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