Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sparkle Forest: Of Fall and Flowers

On the off chance that my love for my new Sparkle Forest hasn't shown by the way I can't seem to stop making them, can I just take a moment to say... I love them. Uber love them. And, I really can't seem to stop making them. My forest just keeps growing and growing and growing!

It's going to be the biggest sparkle forest evah!!!

It's grown by a couple more. Yesterday I broke into my new strands of Multi-Colored Spinel. I am so over the moon about these new stones, I think I've gone back 3 times for more. I'm afraid they are going to run out! And that just wouldn't do.

They are so gorgeous. Beautiful reds and plums, yellows and oranges. I've never seen multi colored Spinel before. I've been obsessing on them pretty hard core. I broke into the first strand the first bunch yielded a wonderful fall looking tree.

The next batch of colors on the strand are the light and dark plums. Can't wait to make that tree! That one is gonna be awesome too. Same strand, different awesome... that is some serious win there.

This morning I decided to work on one of my commissions. I've been tossing around some ideas, but I wasn't falling in love with them, so I decided to go back to my very first idea. When we first began talking about it, this is what came to mind...

A light green Aquamarine tree, with 3 pink Cherry Quartz flowers. From the lower branch hangs a sterling silver heart.

If they like it, it will be a pair of earrings. The first pair of Sparkle Forest earrings.

heehee. Sparkle Forest earrings. That kinda rocks right there.

I love mah Sparkle Forest. Yes, yes I do.


  1. Sparkle forest... *is entranced* O_O

    1. Isn't it oh so shiny? :D

      lol it's grown to like 8 or 10 now, and I just keep lining them up an petting them. So many colors and sparkles :D

  2. That's a beautiful design there in the Flowering Sparkle Tree earring. Fingers crossed they like it! If not, I'm sure you could sell them anyway.

    1. Thanks :D

      They loved it. Yay! But yeah, I just figured I'd add it to the Forest and eventually list it if they didn't. A proper forest needs flowers too after all. :)



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