Friday, March 22, 2013

On the Shinies Bench: A Sparkle Forest Earring WIP

Yesterday was a full blown shinies marathon. By bed time, the count stood at 5 finished up mini Sparkle Forest Trees, a bit of Viking Knit, a smidgen of Chainmaille necklace and...

... a finished pair of Rhodocrosite earrings.

My hands are a wee bit on the sore side today.

Out of the 5 trees, 2 were for a commission piece I'm working on...

... the new Sparkle Forest Aquamarine Marine/Cherry Quartz flower tree. :)

They were vera pleased with the little not yet finished WIP pic, so I went to work on the second tree. This morning, I finished up the ear wires and they now are a pair of Sparkle Forest earrings.

Cute lil' things.

Today they get their antique on. Then, after a good tumble, they will be all finished.


Go Sparkle Forest! :D

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