Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scorpions and Trees: A Weekend of Projects

It's been quite a while since I've been shiny productive. Months even. I think. I've managed to make a couple  few things, but not many. This weekend was a long 3 day over here and I decided it was time to get back to it.

Most of what I played around with was just new ideas, future projects, new techniques, that kind of thing. In and amongst all that playing around, I did manage a few finished goodies. Go me. :D

One of the things I've been playing with a lot is new ways to do trees. Little changes, additions ... that kind of thing. I managed to finished a couple pair; I think the one I love the most is my new, silver, Freshwater Pearl Full Moon Tree earrings. My first Full Moon earrings, I think. Aside from the whole first time full moon thing, the big difference is how I wrapped the bail this time. I'm rather in love. :) I'm hoping the new style can be used on cabochon trees too. Still working on that.

I also finished up a pair of antique copper/Emerald earrings, with the new twisted frame I've been playing with. :)

Another tree addition... knots. Trees have knots, so I've been trying to work those in too. :)

A couple other things I finally wrapped up are...

Bronze/Bloodstone pendant...

and an antique copper/amber bracelet...

Some of my WIP projects are... definitely works in progress. They're coming along. They are still just play pieces, so they don't really count yet. 

One of them is a Tree of Life bracelet. I'm kind of diggin' it. :) This one has a suede bracelet band (never mind that they are 2 different colors, iz just practice). 

I was pleased enough that I'm also trying to come up with a chain style one. It didn't get far enough for pics tho.

The big project I've been pondering for a long while is... a scorpion. Truth be told... I have no idea how to make a scorpion. I sat down and sketched several ideas to present, but after my last uber fail attempt of thinking I can draw it so I can make it Celtic knot fail, I decided to break out some wire and make darn sure I can even come close to what my brain was dreaming up.

Uber early first try was looking like this...

He needed major work. His swirly claws were all wrong, and I just couldn't get the weave on the tail like I envisioned. Not having a lot of weaving experience I got rather frustrated fast. So, I took him apart, unweaved his tail a bit and continued to tweak and fiddle with it. He ended up looking like this...

... then I broke him. Not sure the twisted/braided wire will work on his tail. It could be potentially cool, but the wire got so hard ... I snapped it. Poor broken scorpion. :(

Try 3 will be a total do over. Which is fine. Behind the scenes... that's just how I roll. ;)

Even though I didn't get real far, and broke him, I'm uber excited about him. Not for anything to do with the whole scorpion thing, but because I finally figured out how to weave a cabochon wrap. 

That outside woven frame... has me STOKED! Been wondering if I could pull that off. Months of trial and error and I finally did it. W00T! Go me!

Not a bad little 3 day weekend. Shinies a plenty.

Yaaaay! :D

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