Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Whole New Forest of Shiny Trees

It's been a very shiny weekend over here. I've been working on several projects and managed to finish up several new trees. Busy busy. Go me.

I think I'm getting my shinies mojo back. Feels good. Yay for that.

On the project front, it's pretty much been a bust. Mucked up another scorpion and a woven cab wrap I'm trying to figure out. Seems weaving wasn't in the cards yesterday. Hoping today is it's day. The way I've been crankin' out the trees lately, I thought the Tree of Life bracelet would be good to focus on, but no, mucked that all up too. It wasn't it's day either. Poor projects.

What I did manage to do is finish up the Aquamarine cabochon tree I've been working on. Pretty stoked about that one. I wanted to try something new with the bail, but being silver made me hesitate. It reeeeeeeally sucks to muck up sterling pieces on the last steps. Really really sucks. So I decided to make a new copper one to play on. Still sucks to muck up copper trees on the last steps but cost wise it sure hurts less. ;)

One thing led to another and I ended up with... several new trees lol.

A pair of copper/turquoise full moon earings, a copper/Serpentine cabochon tree and a silver/Ruby Zoisite Crab Apple tree. :D I just finished antiqueing them. With the Aquamarine Tree and the others I've been neglecting to post, the new forest is looking like...

...a forest.

I really need to get my listings caught up. Badly.

Maybe I'll work on that today. I just now got my lightbox working again so I've run out of excuses to not get to it. Other than I don't wanna. Wanna make shinies. I'm on a roll!

One big shiny tree roll! :D :D

Rolls are fun.

ps: Oh yeah. I'm having a clearance sale! There's a couple trees in there too. :D

Later taters!!

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