Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Growing a Cabochon Forest

Growing a cabochon forest ... is hard work! My goodness!

I've been working really hard the last week or so on making some more cab trees. Actually, not just making more but redesigning them as well. I think I finally have figured out a bail system I reeeeeally like. I've started doing them totally different, using different wire to wrap it closed and adding some embellishments to the bail.

Am totally diggin' it.

It started with my new Aquamarine tree. I wanted to do something a little different with the bail, but was afraid to try new things out on Sterling, so had to make a copper one instead. So out popped a Serpentine tree...

It worked well, so the Aquamarine tree came together in a similar fashion...

Same, only dif.

I then moved on to these two. A Rose Quartz with my first ever swirled bail, and my first chunky copper Labradorite tree.

I loved them both so VERA hard.

All of those have gone off to their new homes so I've decided to carry on and continue to grow my forest. This week I've finished 3 more. A Tourmalated Quartz, a Blue Lace Agate and last night... a Charoite.

I'm uber in love with the Charoite cab. I've been wanting to get some for many months now, but have had a hard time finding good ones for a reasonable price. I found this one at the rock show and just had to scoop it up!

It's so cool! It has this awesome shimmery thing going on in parts of the purple that I just LOVE. Not sure the tree is finished yet though. I think when I get home tonight I may antique it. The tree is overpowering the stone. Think I want to tone that down a bit. Not 100% sure yet.

Anyhoo, there it is. My new, ever growing, cabochon forest. :D




  1. Beau-ti-ful!!! Very much talented, you are :)

    1. Thanks June! It's been fun getting back to the cab trees. They're such a challenge. :D



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