Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mega Tree! MEGA!!

Oh yeah, oh yeah! A MEGA tree! :D

I'm going gianormous. Gia-nor-mous! Those little rock slices I got at the rock show...the piece of Labradorite that was my wall tree goal...

That silly little, still gonna make an awesome 6" x 7" wall plaque, piece...

pfft. Pfft. I mean... PFFT. So tiny. I wasn't thinking grand scale enough. Apparently. Um...



It's a 16" diameter piece of Labradorite, cut and polished, with flashes of light blue, dark blue, green, gold, and, and, and... EVERYTHING!

My new hunka-chunka is 1 1/2" thick...

...with a slightly beveled front edge. It's like... THE BIGGEST CABOCHON EVAH!!!!

If all that isn't just cool enough, the back was milled out so the whole middle is recessed. Why? Well, back lighting of course.

Back lighting. BACK LIGHTING!

Back lighting. Whoda thunk it.

Isn't it fabulous? I got it from our granite guy at work. His wife loves my trees and when he was in the other day he tried to abscond with the copper labradorite pendent I recently made for himself. Lol I guess he really reeeeeeally liked it because he made me this hunka-chunka piece of awesomeness.

Now...I have a new goal. A wire wrapped, back lit, mega size, antique copper, Labradorite tree of life wall hanging.

That's a mouthful. I wonder how one makes such a thing. With wire. o.O

I've got NO idea. But I'll sure figure it out! It's gonna be the best wire wrapped backlit mega size antique copper Labradorite tree of life wall hanging EVER!!!!!!!


The end.

heehee :D :D

ETA: Pic for scale.

Wall chip tree (biggest I've made so far), Lab slab with a 1 1/2" tree pendant and quarter to show size.

Tis hugeamous. Huge-a-mous.


  1. Back lighting would be feasibly mounted with resin, I think? Button battery operated LED nightlight sort of thing maybe?

    1. No idea really. I didn't get a chance to talk to him further about what his idea was. But apparently they've done it with other stone things they've made. Says he has hanging ideas too. Some special bracket/bracing they've done with large granite signs. Hoping to get with him today and talk more about it all. :)

  2. I can't wait to see pics of it when you get it done....we will allhave to bow down to you :)



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