Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ongoing Projects: New trees and weaves

As always, I have several. Many. Several many even.  One of these days I might learn how to do one thing at a time. Maybe. 

Don't hold your breath. ;)

Some of what I've been working on the past week...

One is still in the Tree family. For the past 2 years I've been buying beads I thought I could throw trees on. If I can put a tree on a cabochon, surely I can put one on a bead. Right? Easy peasy. 

Or not.

Turns out, it's harder than I thought it would be. I've been giving this one a whirl for the past several weeks...

... a copper tree on a big Amethyst bead. I like how it turned out. Mostly. The tree is good. Diggin' the new bail too. I wanted to make a special necklace for it, but sadly, the frame blows so... start over. I think I need to double that wire up, or... something. So close, and yet... still so far away. But it's coming along.

Weaving is another thing I've been working on learning. After months of trying to just figure it out, with more frustration than luck, I bought a Nicole Hanna tutorial from one of the groups I joined this year. She rocks the weaving. Big time.

I posted pics of my little heart I weaved last week. It was my 2nd try and totally just a tester piece. I blew the length on one wire by just a smidge so ... start again. Which... is exactly what I did. :D Didn't even come up short this time.

Go me.

This morning I threw the tester heart in the antique pot to see what happened...

I won't know for sure until I get home tonight and maybe burnish it a little more and polish 'er up but... I think I might like the raw copper one better. That's never happened before. I ALWAYS like antique copper better. First time for everything I guess.

I've also managed a couple finished pieces. A big antique copper Aurora Borealis TOL and some antiquing on the Charoite tree I made a week or so ago.

Reeeeally glad I took the plunge on that Charoite tree. It was awfully shiny before, but the tree contrasted so much with the stone that it obscured it completely. Toning down the tree with some antiquing did exactly what I was hoping it would do and now sets off the awesomeness of the Charoite. Now I love it.

Uber love even.

Tonight I'll polish them up real good and they'll be ready to list. I'm all behind on my listings again, darn it. Need to sit down and get busy. :D


Go me.


  1. Oh jeez, want to pet them all so bad...

    Actually the woven piece looks nice both ways. The antiqued one is very "goth" you know? and the raw one is lighter and more energetic.

    I totally love the way your trees have evolved. Each one is so unique and beautiful.

  2. I am so jealous of you and your talent! No way could I do that, my patience would not allow me to do it and then the fact that I have arthritis in my hands would keep me from being able to do all that intricate work :(



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