Friday, July 26, 2013

Craft shows HERE I COME!

Ok, that might be getting a little ahead of myself. But I did just make my major traveling road show acquisition. W00T!

Go me.

Gotz me a tent. Yep yep. This tent to be exact...

A white, 10 x 10, commercial grade tent of my very own. Complete with 4 walls.

It's supposed to be here by Aug. 6th. By Aug. 7th I'll be quitting my job and hittin' the road.  :D

Ok, not really. I still have tables to get, display type stuff and, and, and... I don't even know what else yet. Stuff. Lots of stuff. And I need to make lots more shinies. But the tent was the major part.

One big leap forward.

I'm toying with the idea of maybe even making one show before winter hits. Maybe the local Saturday Market.

I got all their info, downloaded all the applications and whatnot. Cost wise, it just might be doable. I'm going down this weekend to check it out, see what's up and try to get a feel for things.

Will it all come together this late in the season? *shrugs* who knows. But with tent in hand I sure don't see why it can't happen by next season!

2014 shall be known as the year Mamba & Renji hit the road. Caravan baby!

It's gonna be great!

ps: I'm not scared witless at all.

pss: ok, that's a lie. Mah wits have all been scared off. I am witless.

psss: *bucks up* it's gonna be great! grrrrreat!!

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