Tuesday, July 16, 2013

To Weave a Medallion

I had all these grand plans for last weekend. All kinds of things I wanted to either finish up, or try out, or ... I don't know, shiny... stuff. Number 1 on the list... cabochon weaving tutorial. But then on Friday my granite guy brought me back the raw Labradorite slice I'd gotten at rockshow #1, all polished up and uber flashy.

Shiny it was.

So, of course, it moved to the top of the list. I went home, broke out several sizes of copper wire and set out to make a wall tree plaque thingy. *sigh* It didn't so so well. 4 hrs later I realized I was making no progress and had pretty much managed to waste almost ALL my 20 and 22 gauge copper wire. That wasn't how it was supposed to go. All that was left to do at that point was... call it a night. 

Not sure what happened when I Saturday morning, but I had a pendant in my head that was nagging at me pretty good. Sometimes shinies are loud in there. Make me! Make me! It's my turrrrrn!!!!!

So, I gave it it's turn and made my first medallion. And I love it! love Love LOVE! It blends together several new techniques I've been trying to master this year. Some weaving, some coiling, some layering, some scroll work. 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = Medallion of Awesomeness.

Whatch'ya think? 


The plan was to wrap in some stones into the lower portion of the scrolls...

But in the end I decided... no. Leave it be and go for the antiquing...

and there she be. Mah first pic worthy medallion.

I am so excited about this jewel. It has an 'old world charm' type feel to me, which I absolutely love. And... it has a good, sturdy feel to it too. That's so vera important.

Medallions. I almost haz em. :D

Go me.



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