Friday, July 12, 2013

New Coils and Weaves

Yep. Still with the weaving and the coiling. I will not rest until I get a handle on this. This week's weaving play yielded a pendant. The earrings have been laying around for a while, waiting for ear wires. Forgot all about those. I need to polish them up a bit, but mostly... their done.

The pendant is new. It's name is Carey's Hocus Pocus, after a friend sharing some of her magic w/me the night I finished it. :D The pattern is from a book I got a couple months back, Wire Jewelry Masterclass by Abby Hook.  It came out alright. I misunderstood the pattern though, thought it was for a cabochon. Turned out... it wasn't. It's for a bead. That's what I get for looking at all the shiny pictures and not actually reading things.

My bad.

I decided to finish it up anyway, simply because it was a different method of doing things. The woven heart I made last week was one continuous weave, formed as it went. This one is separate pieces woven together to make the whole. It's very much similar to the weave I was using on my scorpion, only with a swirl instead of claws. And a bail that isn't a tail. But the weaves were the almost the same. I changed the pattern up a little bit with the bail weave, just for practice. All in all... I like it. Mostly. It's not as sturdy as I want, so it stays a practice piece instead of a real finished piece. Sadly, it was too close to what I'd figured out on my own to help me much with figuring out how to overcome my scorpion problems.


So, on to the next one.

This weekend I want to retry this tutorial...

I had tried it after I finished her heart tutorial, but I didn't have a Marquis shaped stone. Tried it with an oval, even though the tutorial says not to, and ended up full of fail. Imagine that.

This week I found a Black Stone closer to this shape, like the tutorial says to start with, so I want to give it another go. This one IS for a cabochon wrap so I have high hopes of learning some new things about how to get a good woven cab wrap.

Fingers crossed it'll come out looking somewhat close to the pic.

More importantly, fingers crossed it will shed some light on what I'm doing wrong that has me all stalled out on my scorpion and I'll be able to move forward again. That would be good. Vera good.

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