Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Updates, WIPs and Sales! Oh My!

Guess what. It's July. Guess what else. July's birthstone is Ruby. Guess what else. I have Ruby shinies. That can mean only one thing...

Yep, sale. I've put markdowns from 10-30% on all in-stock Ruby shinies in my Etsy. Made a special July Specials category for it and everything. :D That makes it all extra official.

There's trees and earrings and chains and, and, and... stuff.

Sales are fun. W00T!

Other goodies I've had going on is... well... um... not sure exactly. I did manage to get some new pieces listed finally.

Some new earrings, a Sapphire chain and... *ponders*... a bracelet... I think. I've got a whole bunch of new cab trees to get up there too. I went to gather them all up the other day and realized I have like 7 trees to write up. That's a lot! It's my first ever cabochon forest. :D

Isn't it beautimus?! It's changed a smidge since I took that pic. Antiqued that Moonstone tree last night, so now I have this...

...iz more bettah now. :D

I ended up with so many trees because my main goal is to get this weave thing down. Still have a LOT of that going on behind the scenes. So of course, that means trees. Right? Right. Well, in a round about kind of way. Each weave attempt ends up leaving me rather frustrated. I'm getting the hang of it better, but holymoly does it stress out my 'GOTTA HAVE IT BE STRAIGHT AND EVEN!' thing. That's a lot of coils and weaves to, ya know, get straight and friggin' even. So I have what amounts to a lot of practice wires. Uneven, tension pulled, mucked up, practice wires. After each practice wire, I'd get frustrated and ... bang out a tree. A bit of a reminder to myself that I actually /can/ ... do stuff.

Now I have 7 'i can do stuff' cab trees. And my first ever cab forest.

Go me. :D

Now I just need to sit down, take decent pics and write about them. Or... keep staring at them and pet them some more. :D

That works too.

Another little frustration I've had going on is that darn Tree of Life bracelet I was working on. I got a tree I liked and thought it was coming together rather nicely. I attached some suede cord to it, and still with the nicely. Then I clasped that bad boy and it all went awry. It turned out looking like an awful mess. Boo. So, back to the drawing board with that. One of the new ideas I had was to hang a tree off of a bracelet, like a charm. I started wondering how small I could actually make a tree, and out popped this little cutie pie...

A little uber tiny tree. Might work quite nicely as a charm. I'd like to see if I can add at least one little stone to it; maybe hang it off of a viking knit bracelet or... something. Now I'm wondering if I can go even smaller. Maybe use it as a Freia Inguz signature tag, so... something.

Who know. My brain, it wanders.

Tonight I'm back to another weaving tutorial. The past couple nights I've been working on a pendant from a book I have. I'm about 1/2 way done and... so far so good. Fingers crossed it stays that way. Maybe I'll be able to share a pic in the next day or so. If it comes out good enough anyway.

Here's hoping. :D

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