Sunday, July 28, 2013

When Medallions Go Freeform, part 2

Yesterday, I blogged my first freeform... thingies. Unsure what they were, I let the smaller one be the medallion centerpiece it was insisting on being. (no, I'm not really in charge. I go where the shinies tell me.)  By last night I had made the frame, weaved it all together and tacked down the centerpiece. After a whole lot of great feedback, I decided to go with it and finished it up. I secured the centerpiece, played with the antiquing, polished it all up and ended up with...

 My first freeform medallion. :D

It's actually got a couple new things going on in it. Not only is it my first free form attempt, but it's also the first time I've successfully used one of the rings I soldered. :D Didn't bend it, break it or ... otherwise muck it all up.


It's also the first time I've tried to weave something using different size wires. Oh! and the balled up wire. That's fairly new too. At least as far as actually being put in a working piece.

New, new, new. All kinds of new. I'm rather excited so much new worked out as well as it did.

Ok, rather uber UBER excited. :D

Not sure this exact one will end up in the Etsy. It might. I suspect I may just keep it. *pets* ya know, in the name of product testing and all. *pets more* It's my duty as the shinymaker. ;)

There will definitely be similar goodies in the Etsy in the near future. I'm over the top in love with the look, feel and overall concept of my 'medallions' and I'm already working on transferring it all over to sterling. Sterling works up soooooo different. Much much harder to work with, but so far it's coming along. I've got the inside frame woven in so hopefully the rest will come together well. Pretty sure that was the hard part. *fingers crossed*

The other freeform piece I blogged yesterday will try to be a brooch. I've not made many brooches, and never a copper one so we'll have to see how that works. Copper is so much softer than silver so I worry about the pin mechanism holding up. But, I see other people do copper brooches sooooo.... surely it can be done.

Where there's a will, there's a way. Right? Right. One way or another, that shall be a brooch.

 While on the subject of new things...

I FINALLY got a Tree of Life leather bracelet that pleases me. It's just a working proto, but that it's finally working has me all kinds of excited. Lots of new things I'll be doing with that baby.

Yesterday was a good shiny day. Lots of things I've been working on for a good long time all came together at once and months of frustration finally paid off. Feels good. Feels like I've gotten a good enough handle on several new things finally and it could very well take my shinies in some new directions.

That has me on cloud nine today.

This week brings me daughter's birthday, and with it... a busy week. Her wish list is vera shiny, and of course includes things I can't just crank right out. Like the sterling silver medallion I'm working on. Her list also includes a big Labradorite, sculpted cabochon wrap. Easy peasy. Right?

Here's hopin.

Easy or not, by the end of the week I hope to have silver medallion, sculpted cabochon, sterling tree bracelet and a brooch all ready to rock. I also want to have a good start on a new scorpion piece. I've had a scorpion medallion nagging at me for the last 2 weeks, played with it a little yesterday and it might actually work. And work cool.

That's a big week.

Adventures in shinies. W00T!

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