Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Masterpiece Unveiled

Ok, masterpiece might be a bit much, but it kinda does feel like that. My.goodness was this baby a challenge.

What is it? Well, it's daughter's birthday present. All she wanted was shinies. 3 shinies to be exact. She gave me her list a week/week 1/2 ago. *sigh* she's only getting 2. Mama can only do so much.

Of course, 2 of the 3 were things I've never done before. A sculpted cab wrap for a piece of Labradorite she picked out, and after seeing my first medallion and staring at my neck like a rabid dog ready to snatch it off at any minute she decided she HAD to have one of those too. In silver.

I've not tried silver yet. Just because something works in copper... doesn't mean it readily works in silver.

I've been working on it for almost 2 weeks. I think. Broke it probably 4 times. Melted the scrolls into little piles of molten blobs, coiled for hours to break the wire 2 wraps from finishing, broke the netting... do over, do over, DO.OVER!

The good news is I only bled once and branded myself with red hot silver so I'll have a lasting memory of this occasion.

I have GOT to stop telling people I can do things I've never done before. Sheesh!

After breaking it again late yesterday, I got home from work and dove in to try one last time. Her birthday is tomorrow, but she's leaving town at the crack of dawn so it was today or nothing. After staying up most of the night and wrestling with the finishing touches this morning, I haz a shiny.

*drum roll*

My first sterling silver scrolled medallion.

It'll need a custom chain when I have more time. Something antique silver with labradorite wrapped in I think.

But for now, it's done. She's been gifted and LOVES it!

Happy mom iz happy.

I even made her squee. That makes me the winner.


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