Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Permissions and Galleries and New Shinies, Oh my!

I didn't think there was much going on over here lately, but as I run thru things in my head I realize... oh wait... Yes there is! I seem to measure things in a number of pieces kind of way these days and past that ... doesn't much matter. And lately, number of pieces is rather... low.

Sometimes, the shiny cooperates and things get ta'crankin'. Sometimes... it seems like I have to fight with every shiny, at every turn. Work it, rework it, then rework it some more.

It's definitely been one of /those/ times.

But, slow is not bad. Slow is just slow. More deliberate. And usually full of learning. Learning is good. Vera good. Been lots and LOTS of the learnin' lately. Not all on accident either. :D

In and amongst the slow going new pieces and the lots and lots of learning, the last week has also brought some fantastic news. Some over the top, uber great, fantabulous news even.

First off, I got such a great response on my garnet woven heart pendant when I was planning my giveaway...

Click picture to enter giveaway

...that I decided to stop being shy and nervous, and contact the designer of the pattern/tutorial I used to see if she'd mind  if I made some to sell. Well, I heard back from her last week and... she was so nice!! She said I could make and sell as many as I wanted! :D :D She hoped I had lots of fun, made money and wished me well. I was so excited by that! I really want to learn more weaving, and I want to learn from the best. I want to learn from Nicole Hanna. And the pieces are SO awesome, I also want to be able to sell as I go. And now I can. WhooWHOO! There will definitely be more woven jewelry like the garnet heart pendant coming down the pike.

The other uber fantabulous news was from the Gallery over on the coast. I called them up last week, not expecting anything really, maybe just ... touch base. See what's up. Find out if I ever even gave them everything I needed to, or if I'd forgotten something. Ya know. Like the artist statement I totally spaced O.O


I expected her to tell me how it was the off season, no one is shopping until Christmas, but it's ok because that's normal here and send me your statement.

That is not what happened.

Turns out, my stuff started selling right away. O.O
Like the first week even. O.O
Like... my inventory is almost 1/2 gone already. O.O
I was in shock. Am still in shock. She ended the coversation with...Please to be making more, fast, and send it over. Anything. Everything. Quickly. It's about to pick up. Christmas is coming.

Um... Ok. Holy wow.

I may start hyperventilating again just thinking about it. I'm still a tad excited.

Now that I think about it, maybe that's why the pieces are so slow in coming. I'm trying to get all caught up so I can make new things for Breach the Moon, AND make new stuff for my Etsy because Christmas IS coming, and and and... I may be pushing it too hard. The shinies don't like to be pushed. They like to do their own thing. Pushing makes them mad and they rebell and won't play nice.

Stubborn little things.

I did manage to win a couple rounds though. I got a new Aquamarine/Amethyst/Sapphire/Quartz Birthstone tree done...

Am rather pleased at how it came out. We wrestled for days. But I won. Finally. :D

Then there was the Autumn Faery Lights Tree...

...it's multi colored Spinel and Ethiopian Fire Opal. :)

2 trees out the 4 tree/2 penandt/1 gold earrings weekend I'd tried for wasn't what I was after, but I guess that's 2 closer than I was. 

The uber big accomplishment was this one...

It's a fully redesigned medallion I've been working on for weeks now. It's a 925 Sterling and 999 Fine Silver Garnet Medallion. It looks like the others, but it's actually quite different. I'm using the new weave I've been playing with for the backing, much tighter this time. I wanted to try to use it in a bit more open design instead of just using it for anchor points. My goal is to figure out how to weave it so it can actually be a design element all by itself.

I see much potential.

Another big deal with this one was the Fine Silver. It's my first time working with it. Now I wonder why it's taken me so long! Wow, oh wow, just wow.

I used it for the unwrapped outer ring and the scrolls. It can be fused, instead of soldered, gets wonderfully soft and malleable when heated and the ends ball up in absolutely wonderful little perfect balls of perfection.

It's soooooooooo different than sterling! I'm in love with it. Absolutely in love.

Can't wait to play with that some more.

My little medallion is a far cry from the pearls and swirls I was going for, but that's ok. I am so proud of this jewel. Lots of cool new things going on it that. Lots and LOTS!

Permissions and Galleries AND new shinies. Twas a busier week than I remembered. :D


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